NGRCC Co-Chairs

Congressmen Steven Palazzo (MS-04) and Tim Walz (MN-01)

Reserve Forces Policy Review Board Releases Report on Life-Cycle Cost of Military Personnel

DOD does not know or track the “Fully Burdened” and “Life Cycle” costs of military personnel in decision-making, obscuring the true costs.

Latest News

National Governors Association Thank You Letter to Palazzo for National Guard Support

Jun 6, 2015 Story

National Governors Association sent a letter thanking Congressman Palazzo for his leadership and support in sustaining a strong National Guard in the FY16 National Defense Authorization Act.

Members of Congress Send Letter to Secretary Carter Expressing Concern for Aviation Restructure Initiative

Apr 27, 2015 Story

Members of Congress sent a letter to Secretary Carter expressing concern for Aviation Restructure Initiative (ARI) proposed by the Army in the President's FY 2016 budget.

National Guard Caucus Announces Palazzo and Walz as Co-Chairmen

Feb 4, 2015 Story

Washington, D.C.—The House National Guard and Reserve Components Caucus today announced its bipartisan leadership for the 114th Congress. Congressman Steven Palazzo (R-MS) and Congressman Tim Walz (D-MN), both National Guardsmen, will serve as the Co-Chairmen....

Governors Association Writes Letter on National Guard Reorganization

Mar 13, 2014 Story

All 50 State Governors wrote to the President to express concern over the planned reorganization of National Guard units and assets. The letter can be found at the link below. Governors_National_Guard_Letter.pdf

Gen. Grass: Budget Deal Gives Guard, Army Time To Compromise

Jan 10, 2014 Story

As budgets tighten, will the National Guard and the regular Army go to war? Not if Gen. Frank Grass, chief of the National Guard Bureau, can help it. Peppered with questions about the conflict today at the National Press Club, Grass carefully redirected almost...

Mansfield, Ohio, air base’s fate reflects a larger battle between active duty, Guard

Dec 27, 2013 Story

MANSFIELD, Ohio — The four diminutive cargo planes parked on the National Guard air base in this Rust Belt town last year never would have been selected for a recruiting poster. Lacking the grace of a fighter or the girth of a freighter, the newly built twin-p...

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