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Sunday, December 22, 2019
A Historic Week in Washington

As we approach the end of 2019, House Democrats voted to totally reject the will of the American people and impeach President Trump in the House. I was strongly opposed to these articles of impeachment and reject the notion that Congress can use impeachment as a political tool. Despite the facts completely discrediting the liberals an allegations used to draft the articles of impeachment, they chose to move forward regardless. 

As America watched the Democrats rush the impeachment inquiry through a sham process, the entire impeachment process comes to a screeching halt because Pelosi has decided to withhold the articles in an attempt to continue her day in the spotlight. She claims she's withholding the articles because she wants to ensure a fair trial, however, anything following the House Democrats' conduct will be exceedingly fair in comparison. 

The Democrats have entirely disregarded process and procedure by blatantly ignoring the notion that all are innocent until proven guilty - the president is not guilty of obstruction of Congress, and he is not guilty of an abuse of power. Make no mistake, when the Senate votes to dismiss these baseless allegations Democrats will continue their attempts to slander and undermine the President at every possible turn. I will continue standing with our President and putting the needs of our country ahead of political games.

A Historic Trade Deal for North America

Despite all attempts by Democrats to beat down our president, he continues delivering on the promises he made to the American people. I have long called for adoption of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) because it brings our trade deal into the 21stcentury and will bring strong economic investment to the United States. On Thursday, I voted to pass the USMCA because it includes strong provisions that support Mississippi manufacturers, farmers and ranchers, as well as small businesses.

President Trump has worked tirelessly to move the USMCA across this finish line and I am proud to support this trade deal that supports some of Mississippi's largest industries. 

South Mississippi Christmas Cheer in Washington
I had some excellent help from students at North Woolmarket in decorating my office for the Christmas season. Check out pictures below of the handmade ornaments and decorations that brought south Mississippi Christmas cheer to my office!

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