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Monday, January 13, 2020
Defending America and Our Military

On January 2, the Pentagon confirmed the death of Iranian Commander Qasem Soleimani during a US air strike on the Baghdad Airport. Focused on taking out Americans and reducing US regional influence, Soleimani was actively plotting attacks against our leaders and service members stationed in the region. This was the final straw for us, as Soleimani has already killed thousands of people, including over 600 American service members. Actions that could not go unanswered. 

President Trump ordered the airstrike to keep our military members safe, a decisive action that I unequivocally support. Iran has been terrorizing the world and fighting proxy wars across the globe. Through Obama's failed nuclear agreement, Iran received cash and was able to cause more unrest in the Middle East. Our President has made it clear that America will no longer be intimidated by the Iranian regime, a change of pace from the Obama Administration. 

In response to our President defending our men and women stationed in the Middle East, Nancy Pelosi chose to ram a useless war powers resolution through the House for another moment in the spotlight. The resolution was written days before senior intelligence officials
briefed members of Congress and seeks to limit the President's ability to act against Iran and protect our military from Iranian threats. I was ashamed to see my colleagues turn this victory into a political game. Our military deserves better and so do the American people.

During a time where our country should unite behind our Commander in Chief, the resolution turns us against ourselves. I support our men and women in uniform and hope the Democrats will come to their senses to do the same.  

Fishery FUNND Act
I joined several of my House colleagues to introduce HR 5548, the Fishery Failures: Urgently Needed Disaster Declarations Act (Fishery FUNDD Act). Our bill will improve the federal fishery disaster process and ensure more timely disaster relief for impacted communities.

The Fishery FUNDD Act would set a timeline for the federal government to respond to a fishery disaster request, and set a timeline for disbursal of appropriated funds following a disaster. It will also clarify the disaster request process, including the allowance of direct payments to be made to affected members of fishing communities as an eligible use of relief funds.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast has experienced significant seafood and marine life loss from the Bonnet Carré Spillway releasing an unprecedented amount of freshwater into the Mississippi Sound. While Mississippi’s federal fisheries disaster declaration was approved within several months, this is unfortunately not the case for other communities around the nation. The Fishery FUNDD Act will streamline what has been a years-long process into a transparent system that will provide disaster relief to fishermen who have experienced harsh conditions out of their control.

As college students begin heading back to school, it's also time to begin thinking about internships. Throughout the year I offer internships in my Washington, DC and Mississippi offices for students.  Every fall, spring, and summer semester I’m joined by some of Mississippi’s best and brightest in my Washington, DC office. The deadline to apply for a summer internship in my office is April 1. Follow the link here to get the application process started. 

Pictures from the Week
It was my pleasure to speak with Tee McCovey, CEO for United Way for Jackson and George Counties as well as Renee Sanders, Executive Director of United Way for Lowndes and Noxubee. It was great to hear an update on their valuable work for the state of Mississippi! They are creating lasting change in the lives of so many.

McCovey, Sanders, and Palazzo

This week, I joined thousands from around the United States in expressing my appreciation for our nation's law enforcement officers during Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. We owe a debt of gratitude to our officers who keep us safe from danger each day. Their diligent service does not go unnoticed and we thank them for their bravery, fortitude, and sacrifice. God bless our law enforcement officers and their families.

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In your service,

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