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Palazzo Praises SCOTUS Ruling on Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

Washington, DC- Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) released the following statement following the announcement of a Supreme Court decision to halt President Biden's federal vaccination mandate.

"My fellow Americans and I have been very clear, we do not support mandated vaccinations. It is our constitutional freedom to make these important decisions within our families and with the advice of a trusted doctor.

"The administration has already tanked our economy with weak policies. Mandated vaccines would further degrade our workforce and force Americans to choose between a vaccine they do not want, and their livelihoods. It is horrifying to watch the White House turn their backs on our workforce and risk our economy to intimidate Americans into compliance.

"I have fought federal mandates at every turn. In December, I joined over 150 of my colleagues in the House to support a resolution under the Congressional Review Act to halt President Biden's intrusion into the medical decisions of healthcare providers.

"Let me be clear, I believe these vaccines are a safe and effective way of preventing the worst outcomes of the COVID-19 virus. In fact, I have been fully vaccinated, as have many of my closest loved ones. However, I will not stand quietly by as the White House tramples on the liberties of Americans for a political agenda.

"If allowed to continue, Biden's OSHA mandate could affect over 84 million Americans. I am pleased that the highest court in the land ruled on the side of the American people, this is a victory for health care workers, businesses, and the freedoms that make this nation great," said Congressman Palazzo.

The Supreme Court froze the ruling of a lower's courts decision to allow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule to go into effect nationwide. The ruling effectively stops the mandate from being enforced further and will remain in place until the lower courts have a chance to fully rule on the constitutionality of the matter.