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CNS NEWS: DHS Secretary Mayorkas: What’s Going on at the Border ‘Is Not an Invasion’

 DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Wednesday that what is happening at the border “is not an invasion” and that the Biden administration is improving the administrative process in a way not done before by prior administrations.

During a House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing, Rep. Steven M. Palazzo (R-Miss.) asked Mayorkas what the administration is doing to stop the “invasion taking place on our southern border.”

I just got back from the border late last night. I was down there with 12 of my colleagues, and what we’re seeing and what we’re hearing on the border isn’t what we’re hearing from the administration or the mainstream media. There’s absolutely an invasion taking place on our southern border. Single adult men by the hundreds every night trying to break into our border. Unaccompanied children, family units are just walking up and turning themselves in.

There’s one winner in all this, and right now it’s the cartel, and the one loser is the American people. My understanding is families will pay thousands of dollars to have one person smuggled into America or smuggled across the Northern Triangle through Mexico. Sometimes it costs several thousand dollars per state to pass, but the cartels bring them in, and just as we’ve seen a couple weeks ago, they will dump children even over the border fence, and if wasn’t for our brave and committed CBP officers, those children’s lives could have been in danger, but it’s not just children.

On my flight back last night, there was a lady who also paid smugglers to get into our country, and she had a full body cast on. They pushed her over the fence, and she broke her back where then the American people took care of her and provided for her medical services, and now she’s off to whoever knows where to her sponsors, but she was alone on that flight.

I mean there were several illegals who came into our country – minors that are flying all across the United States, so effectively, Mr. Cuellar’s not the only person that’s practically living on the border, because we’re turning all our states into border states with our policy, so I guess real quick, what is the administration doing to stop this?

Because it doesn’t look like what they’re doing is working. It looks like you rolled out a big welcome mat to say, send us your kids, and that is, that is criminal, because as long as they know that they get to our border that we’re gonna take them, and we’re gonna turn them into American citizens and let them roam free around our country, these people desperate in these countries are going to continue to take that risk, an unnecessary risk, I might add. So please tell me what this administration is doing.