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Palazzo: SCOTUS Ruling is Major Victory for Religious Liberty

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Washington, July 8, 2020 | comments
Washington, DC - Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) released the following statement after the Supreme Court provided its opinion on the Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania case, ruling in favor of religious-affiliate groups in the 7-2 decision. Specifically, Pennsylvania sued over the validity of a rule implemented by the Trump administration that allowed religious organizations, including some for-profit companies, to opt-out of providing contraception coverage to their employees.

"Today's Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Little Sisters of the Poor is a major victory for religious liberty. When Obamacare was enacted, it forced religious organizations, despite their core beliefs, into paying millions in fines or complying with the contraceptive mandate. Today's decision ends a years-long legal battle and reaffirms the right to religious freedom in the United States."

Palazzo signed on to a bipartisan amicus brief in support of the religious nonprofits and charities challenging Obamacare’s Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate.

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