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Palazzo Joins Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of Proxy Voting for House

Washington, DC - Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) joined a lawsuit filed by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi which challenges the constitutionality of the proxy voting system the Speaker enforced after Democrats adopted the new rule on party lines. Palazzo voted against the proxy voting proposal and is currently in Washington casting his votes in person. 

"Speaker Pelosi's implementation of proxy voting is unconstitutional. The Constitution makes it clear, there must be a majority of members present to conduct House business. By signing on to this lawsuit, I am committing to refrain from lending my vote via proxy or placing a vote via proxy on behalf of another member. When South Mississippians sent me to Washington, they placed their confidence and trust in me, not a proxy vote. Now is the time for Congress to lead by example, not hide from our responsibilities."

You can view and download the letter sent by Palazzo where he requests his name be added as a plaintiff to the lawsuit.