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Palazzo Applauds Planting of Apollo Era "Moon Tree" at Vice President's Home

Washington, DC - Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) applauded the planting of a "Moon Tree" at the Vice President's residence during a ceremony today. The tree, whose parent seeds were carried on a lunar voyage by Apollo 14 Astronaut Colonel Stuart "Stu" Roosa, was provided by Col. Roosa's daughter, Rosemary Roosa. Rosemary serves as the president of the Moon Tree Foundation and is a resident of Biloxi. 

"What a terrific opportunity for a living piece of our American space history to be planted at the home of the Vice President. I know my constituent, Rosemary Roosa, has done an outstanding job of ensuring her father's legacy remains for generations. I am grateful for Vice President Pence and President Trump's commitment to restore America's exceptionalism in space and know that this tree will stand as a symbol of America's pioneering spirit and inspiration for generations to come," Palazzo said.

"Today has been an incredible day and a major milestone in the Moon Tree Foundation's mission to unite, inspire and conserve. Planting a second generation Moon Tree at the Vice President's home will allow the spirit of the Apollo missions to withstand the test of time for generations to come. I'd like to thank Congressman Palazzo and his staff for assisting the foundation in making this happen as well as President Trump and his Administration for renewing our nation's focus on American space exploration," said Rosemary Roosa, daughter of Apollo 14 Astronaut Col. Stu Roosa and president of the Moon Tree Foundation.

Moon trees are from seeds that endured the unknowns of deep space travel to the moon and back. The seeds of the trees traveled 240,000 miles from Earth and circled the moon with Apollo 14 Astronaut Stu Roosa. Upon returning to Earth, the seeds were germinated and planted during the United States' Bicentennial and have since become know as "Moon Trees."

The Moon Tree Foundation, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, is working to plant 50 moon trees in 50 different locations. The foundation began working with Palazzo's office in 2018 to raise awareness of its mission and coordinate efforts in carrying on a living legacy of the Apollo program.