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Palazzo Discusses Importance of Reauthorizing NASA's Enhanced Use Lease Authorization Act with NASA Administrator

Washington, DC - Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4), in a House Appropriations Commerce, Justice, Science Subcommittee hearing, discussed the importance of his bill H.R. 4304the NASA Enhanced Use Lease Authority Act of 2019, with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator James "Jim" Bridenstine. This legislation reauthorizes NASA's Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) agreement authority for ten years. The program is currently set to expire on December 31, 2019. 

NASA centers use the EUL agreement authority to lease underutilized areas on their properties to private entities, state and local governments, as well as academic institutions. With the funds generated through EUL, NASA uses this money for facilities maintenance, capital revitalization and real property improvements. 

You can read full discussion between Palazzo and Administrator Bridenstine below or watch the discussion here:

"Under NASA, the American space program has been a symbol of world leadership and national pride. At this crucial point in our history, we must use our investments wisely and work even harder to advance sound policy if we expect to maintain American leadership in the space domain. To help NASA centers across the country engage with commercial industry and become better stewards of their underutilized infrastructure, we have introduced H.R. 4304, the NASA Enhanced Use Lease Authorization Act of 2019. This bill will reauthorize NASA’s EUL agreement authority for ten years and is supported by representatives from both parties and across the country from Virginia to California and everywhere in between," Palazzo stated.

“Administrator, can you elaborate on the ways NASA centers across the country have successfully used EUL agreements to reduce operating costs and improve NASA facility conditions,” Palazzo asked.

“Absolutely, so I think there are some really good examples of infrastructure that would include buildings for example, where a private company wants to use a building that NASA is not using currently, and part of the way they have access to that building is to make it usable and improve it. After a period of time, NASA has the rights to that building again in the future or they could continue their lease,” Administrator Bridenstine responded. “These are all good things where NASA can partner with the private sector. We have similar kind of agreements for launch facilities and of course as your familiar with at Stennis, test facilities. I think there are lots of opportunity to improve NASA’s facilities by partnering with the private sector.  

“Not reauthorizing EUL, what would happen,” Palazzo asked.

The Administrator responded by saying, 
“It would be really bad for NASA, it would be really bad for our private sector partners…please reauthorize it.” 

Palazzo introduced the "NASA Enhanced Use Lease Authority Act of 2019" in September.