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Palazzo Votes to Send Defense and Health Appropriations Bill to President’s Desk

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Washington, September 26, 2018 | comments

Washington, DC - Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) released the following statement after the House passed its second series of funding bills for the upcoming fiscal year which included both the Defense and the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bills.  

"This bill fulfills our constitutional responsibility to provide for the common defense of this nation. It continues to strengthen our military, and ensure our men and women in uniform have the tools and resources they need to do their job and defeat our enemies.

The legislation also makes smart federal investments toward sustaining and protecting our military assets in south Mississippi, as well as support for our defense industries that play a key role in our national security efforts.”

The Defense Appropriations bill provides $674.4 billion in total funding that is consistent with the the National Defense Authorization Act that was signed by President Trump in August. It increases funding for the military to $606.5 billion overall, and provides support for training, maintenance, and base operations. The legislation also includes the authorized 2.6% pay raise for our military.

The Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations bill provides $178 billion in total funding. It boosts funding for the National Institutes of Health to $39 billion and it continues to prohibit the use of taxpayer funded abortions. Additionally, the bill helps develop America’s 21st century workforce by investing $12.1 billion in key Department of Labor programs.

Below is a list of Mississippi priorities secured by Congressman Palazzo:


Provides $350 million for the advanced procurement and construction of the LHA-9 amphibious assault ship.

Allocates $250 million for the advanced procurement of an Arleigh Burke Class DDG-51 Destroyer as well as additional funding to begin construction of the ship.

Includes $100 million for the Army National Guard HMMWV Modernization Program.

Retained language to continue supporting the mission of the Hurricane Hunters exclusively stationed at Keesler Air Force Base.

Provides $34 million for the acquisition of four additional Lakota helicopters.

Includes $35 million for Transformational Reliable Acoustic Path Systems for the Navy.

Includes $2.5 million in funding to advance warfighter helmets to better respond to blunt trauma threats.

Allocates $449 million for the Navy’s primary offensive airborne electronic attack system, the Next Generation Jammer.

Provides $15.9 million for Special Operations Boats, including an increase of $8.6 million for Combatant Craft Assault Vessels built on the Gulf Coast. 

Labor HHS and Education

Includes $24.5 million in funding for the telehealth that are responsible for advancing telehealth best practices. The University of Mississippi Medical Center was deemed a Telehealth Center of Excellence in 2017.

Provides $15 million to support the rural extension and outreach services for counties with high obesity rates.

Contains $57.4 million to improve disaster medical response plans by creating statewide plans that will account for evacuations, patient relocation, and field emergency care.


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