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Rep. Steven Palazzo Scores 100 Percent on FRC Action's New Scorecard

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Rep. Steven Palazzo Scores 100 Percent on FRC Action's New Scorecard

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Family Research Council (FRC) Action recently released its annual scorecard for the First Session of the 115th Congress. U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.) is among a new record of 245 Members of Congress who scored a perfect 100 percent for votes cast last year. He was recently presented with FRC Action's "True Blue" award for displaying unwavering commitment and consistent support of faith, family, and freedom.

Votes in the U.S. House and Senate included:
• No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion
• Disapproval of Obama's HHS Title X Rule
• Obamacare Repeal and Replace
• Confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
• DOD Transgender Funding (Blocking Funding for Sex-Reassignment Surgeries)
• D.C. Budget Autonomy
• D.C. Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment
• Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
• Independent Payment Advisory Board Repeal
• Confirmation of Amy Barrett to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals
• Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins made the following comment:

"We thank Rep. Palazzo for consistently voting to defend and advance faith, family and freedom. As a 'True Blue Member' he voted 100 percent on FRC Action's Scorecard including votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, deliver long-needed tax cuts that are already providing much needed relief to working families, stand for religious liberty, overturn President Obama's transgender military policy, end the forced partnership between taxpayers and Planned Parenthood, and protect pain capable babies.

"Rep. Palazzo deserves praise for his unwavering commitment to stand for life, family, marriage, and religious liberty. Mississippians should be encouraged to know that they have a Member of Congress such as Rep. Palazzo who has come alongside other members and our president to begin the work of rebuilding our nation, and protecting the very values that made America great," concluded Perkins.

Rep. Steven Palazzo added:

"It's an honor to be recognized as a 'True Blue' lawmaker by the Family Research Council for protecting the rights of the unborn and defending the values of Mississippi families. Every day our beliefs are challenged by outsiders who want to push their liberal agenda onto others. I refuse to let the loose ideology of the previous administration impose itself on my responsibility to advocate on behalf of the pro-life generation and the silent majority. I came to Washington, D.C. to fight for Mississippi's values and I will continue to ensure those values are met with conservative action in Washington."

Click here to download a copy of the Vote Scorecard.