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Palazzo Re-Introduces Amendment to End Obamacare Tax

Washington, DC – Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) re-introduced his “Right to Refuse" Amendment, H. J. Res. 21, that prohibits Congress from taxing individuals and businesses on a failure to purchase a good or service, such as the individual mandate tax implemented by Obamacare. 

“When a slim majority of the Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare’s individual mandate was, in fact, a tax and upheld its constitutionality they opened the door to future legislation that could force citizens to purchase goods or services at the risk of being hit with a penalty tax.  The government has no business telling individuals how they should spend their money.  My “Right to Refuse” amendment would permanently prevent Congress from passing any legislation forcing Americans to choose between purchasing a good or facing tax penalties.  I am looking forward to the quick repeal of Obamacare under President Trump, but we need to ensure that it will never come back in any way or form.  My amendment protects the American people from this type of government overreach today and in the future.”