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Palazzo Committed to Keeping ObamaCare Off Backs of Struggling Families and Small Businesses

Washington, DC- Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4), released the following statement in support of the latest House Republican continuing resolution plan to keep the government open while shielding Americans from ObamaCare. 

“I remain committed to protecting the American people from this costly and controversial law while providing the necessary funding to keep the government open. If we fail to delay or defund ObamaCare, Americans will be forced to purchase health insurance or face government fines.  And Mississippians face some of the highest premiums in the nation under ObamaCare. I cannot in good conscience stand idly by while this very bad law is placed on the backs of struggling families and small businesses.”

The vote is expected to take place on Saturday on a package that funds the government through December 15th, provides continued funding for the Department of Defense and seniors who rely on Social Security, ensures payment for troops in the event of a government closure, repeals the medical device tax and prevents ObamaCare from going into effect for one year. The vote follows passage of a Senate measure that maintained current spending levels but stripped out House measures that would have defunded ObamaCare.

The House first took action to fund the government and defund ObamaCare on Friday, September 20th with passage of a continuing resolution measure by a vote of 230-189. The Senate response passed a week later on a partisan basis, funding the government through November 15th while stripping out the ObamaCare defunding measures.  Saturday’s vote will send the continuing resolution measure back to the Senate for consideration ahead of the October 1st deadline.

Palazzo is an original cosponsor of H.R. 2682, the Defund ObamaCare Act, which was introduced by Representative Tom Graves and Senator Ted Cruz in July. He is also an original cosponsor of H.R. 3121, the American Health Care Reform Act, an ObamaCare replacement bill recently introduced by members of the conservative Republican Study Committee.