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Having presided as the Chairman of the Space Subcommittee for five years, I understand what it means for America to lead the world in space exploration.

With the Stennis Space Center, the nation’s premier rocket engine testing center, stationed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, South Mississippi has the unique opportunity to help launch Americans into outer space.  Ensuring that today’s generation lays a solid foundation for the upcoming generation of space explorers is essential to guaranteeing that America leads the world in modern space initiatives.

“American leadership in space depends on our ability to put people and sound policy ahead of politics.” –Congressman Steven Palazzo

During my time as Chairman of the Space Subcommittee, I worked endlessly to introduce legislation to reauthorize NASA. Under my leadership, the NASA reauthorization passed the house twice. Unfortunately, it still took several years for a reauthorizing bill to pass through both Chambers of Congress and reach the President’s desk. After years of endless efforts to reauthorize NASA, I joined President Trump in March of 2017 as he signed the NASA reauthorization bill into law.

I also helped ensure the National Space Council, which helps create a guide map for NASA initiatives, re-established in 2017. It is my hope that the importance of American dominance in space is a shared understanding between Congress and the White House.

With my position on the House Appropriation’s Commerce, Justice and Science Subcommittee, I remain committed to passing legislation that will help advance our space program to new heights.

In order to launch American astronauts from American soil, you must first go through Mississippi.