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 I believe that it’s extremely important that we provide the infrastructure support needed to ensure the continued success of our roads, bridges, ports, waterways, and rail. These are means vital to the ongoing prosperity of transportation and commerce in our state and our country. That is why maintaining and improving our infrastructure remains at the top of Congress’ priorities.

I look forward to working with with my colleagues in Congress to pass an infrastructure bill to be signed into law. Some of my top infrastructure priorities include:

  • Providing significant, long-term federal investment in modern roads, highways, bridges, transit systems.
  • Funding waterway infrastructure such as ports being that our ports connect farmers, manufacturers, and consumers to the worldwide market—Ports and waterways move American goods and services to the global marketplace.
  • Making sure infrastructure investments promote accountability to ensure the greatest value for every dollar and provide flexibility so that states can determine and address their most pressing need.
  • Ensuring that federal dollars make their way to rural parts of our country.

I also support public-private partnerships as well in order to maximize resources and ensure our country is connected by a safe and efficient transportation network. While this remains our federal responsibility it can also be carried out by the help of our non-federal partners. In 2021 we must work to provide financially responsible investment in our nation’s infrastructure.