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An energy independent United States of America is one of my top priorities in Congress. Our country must cut back on its reliance on foreign oil, and to do this, we must increase the domestic production of energy, including oil, natural gas, and clean coal.

Green energy technologies may have promise in the future, but they are still being developed and remain costly. I do not believe in picking winners and losers in the marketplace by providing millions of taxpayer dollars to unproven industries. Now-bankrupt companies like Solyndra have shown that handing out taxpayer funds for these technologies is both unwise and ultimately, unsuccessful.

By increasing domestic production of energy, we can lower our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and create high-paying American jobs.

Furthermore, we need to stop over-regulating our energy producers. Federal agencies run by unelected bureaucrats have placed burdensome regulations on the American energy sector, and they are drafting more by the minute.  I am committed to using Congress’s “power of the purse” to fight these regulations.