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Health Care

I support policies that:

  • Preserve and protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  • Protect the healthcare of our Veterans and Service Members. We should honor them by keeping costs TRICARE costs as low as possible.
  • Reduce frivolous lawsuits against doctors that drive up the costs of your healthcare. Crack down on waste, fraud, and abuse.
  • Reduce taxes, penalties, and insurance premiums by repealing and replacing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
  • Reduce the cost of healthcare

I have been a staunch advocate to repair a failing healthcare system. My goal remains to restore a health system that is affordable. Not only have I advocated to repeal Obamacare during my tenure in Congress, but I will continue to support legislation that helps provide relief to many Mississippians. 

For the voiceless
I believe in defending the rights of the unborn and being a voice to the voiceless. During my time in Congress, I have introduced legislation called “Every Child is a Blessing”. This bill stops “wrongful birth” cases where individuals sue on the grounds that they would have never had a child had they realized the child would be disabled. No child should be subjected to hearing they should have never been born.

I've also voted in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood – the nation’s leader in aborting children. As I support and promote pro-life policies, I believe that life begins at conception, which is why the legislation that I've cosponsored reflects those same values.

Competitive Relief
In the 115th Congress, I cosponsored HR 314 the Health Care Choice Act of 2017, that would allow health insurance to be sold across state lines. I've heard time and time again, from many of my constituents, that insurance should be available across state lines, and I completely agreed. In order to create inner state competition, Americans should have the option and choice to find an insurance policy that works for them and their family.

Local Relief
I have met with and discussed the multitude of issues that local South Mississippi clinics, hospitals, and doctors are currently facing. After hearing the crippling effect that Obamacare had on our local healthcare system and additional concerns stemming from COVID-19, I have been focused on supporting Mississippi's health care needs no matter the challenges we face. I believe our frontline health workers have been given a daunting task but it's one I know they can handle. In Congress, I want proudly advocate and support Mississippi's needs and challenges in our pursuit of quality and affordable care.

Here is some additional legislation that I cosponsored in the 116th Congress