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The Gulf Coast

Mississippi's Gulf Coast consists of 62 miles of shoreline between the Alabama border on the east and the Louisiana border on the west.  Two of Mississippi's largest cities, Gulfport and Biloxi, are located on the the Mississippi coastline. In addition to being a get-away destination with beaches, wildlife, golf courses, casinos and the best seafood the Gulf has to offer, the Coast is also a great place to work and live. It boasts thriving shipbuilding, fishing and seafood industries and is home to Keesler Air Force Base and the Gulfport Construction Battalion Center. In the early 1900's Biloxi was considered to be the seafood capital of the world. Although it's no longer considered the capital, we think our seafood is second to none. 

Stennis Space Center is also located in Hancock County just north of the Coast.  It is the largest NASA rocket testing site and has been operational since the first engine tests were performed on the Apollo rockets in the 1960's which eventually helped place American astronauts on the moon for the first time in history.  With President Trump’s renewed focus on space exploration, Stennis presents itself as a vital component to further our knowledge in technology and space capabilities.

The Gulf Islands National Seashore boasts some of the nation’s most beautiful beaches that draw in visitors from across the nation. Our district is fortunate to have the Gulf Islands National Seashore with its thriving environment that in turn helps boost our economy thanks to the steady and high volume of visitors each year. This region includes various activities to keep guests and neighbors entertained including canoeing, tours of forts, fishing, and much more.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast has a uniquely vibrant and impressive history that has shaped the Gulf Coast into what it is today.